[F&ES 869b/ANTH 572b] / 2019-2020

Disaster, Degradation, Dystopia: Social Science Approaches to Environmental Perturbation and Change

Credits: 3

Spring 2020: Time and location TBA


An advanced seminar on the long tradition of social science scholarship on environmental perception, perturbation, and disaster, the relevance of which has been heightened by the current global attention to climate change. Section I, introduction. Section II, central questions and debates in the field: social dimensions of natural disasters; discursive dimensions of environmental degradation; asymmetries between political power and resource wealth; and anthropological approaches to the study of climate and society. Section III, historic and comparative understandings of the environment: the twenty-first-century development of a posthumanist, multispecies ethnography; and then the half-millennium tradition of natural history studies. Section IV, classroom presentation of students’ and teaching fellow’s writings. One class is devoted to student selections of the most influential works in the current literature, and there are two guest lectures by prominent scholars in the field.  Prerequisite: F&ES 520/ANTH 581, ANTH 517, or F&ES 839/ANTH 597. Three hours lecture/seminar

Prerequisites for F&ES 869:
F&ES 520: Society and Environment: Introduction to Theory and Method
F&ES 839: Social Science of Conservation and Development

Limited to 20