ENV 850a (Online) / 2020-2021

International Organizations and Conferences

Credits: 3
Teaching Mode: Online
Fall 2020: Tu, 3:00-5:50, online


IOC will focus on the historic, present, and future roles of international environmental conferences. Through guest speakers, assigned readings, and discussions, students will explore conferences including IUCN’s World Conservation Congress, the UN’s Convention of Biological Diversity, UNFCCC’s climate change conference, and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES). Students, along with visiting alumni and guest speakers, will discuss the roles and impacts of the various conferences in international environmental decision making and the future of international conferences in a post-COVID world. The course will also assess the potential for improved equity, justice, and inclusion in international conferences, organizations, and their secretariats. Student groups will examine the mission statements and impacts of conferences and develop work plans for new or existing conferences that they envision filling existing gaps while also considering the challenges and opportunities of the future.