F&ES 831a / 2019-2020

Society and Natural Resources

Credits: 1-3
Fall 2019: M, 1:00-3:50, Sage 41c


This research seminar explores the relationship between society and natural resources in a genuinely interdisciplinary manner (explicit, systematic, contextual, using a comprehensive meta-framework). This falls session is a “reflexive conversation” about the problematic situation we all now find ourselves in. We live in a time of growing uncertainty and mounting problems. This situation can be best understood as constituting a “reflexive moment.” The reflexive moment encourages a reconsideration of past developments and future possibilities (personal to global). We want to find the best way to understand ourselves (personally and professionally) in the current and foreseeable problematic situation (local to global, immediate to multi-decade). We should never forget that we share the planet with millions of other forms of life. We want to find ways to mobilize our knowledge and practice to help fellow humans live fulfilling lives (justice) and address real world challenges on varying scales (environmental health). The question before us is can we come to some clarity about this reflexive moment, our growing problems (environmental and social), and the myriad relationships involved? We will discuss these and many other matters seeking clarity, a foundation, and direction for ourselves, work, and lives. Active participation, reading, discussion, lectures, guests, and projects make up the seminar. The seminar supports and complements other courses in the School and at the University. The quality of the seminar depends on your participation.

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