ENV 743b (Online) / 2020-2021

Strategic Environmental Communication

Credits: 3
Teaching Mode: Online

Spring 2021: M,W, 1:00-2:20, Online


Strategic communication is a powerful means of achieving an organization’s mission, especially when informed by insights into human behavior and social systems. By the end of this course, students are able to develop communication strategies and apply insights from the social and behavioral sciences to improve the effectiveness of their communication campaigns. 

ENV 743 is limited enrollment. For Application instructions, please see below

To apply, please provide short answers to the following questions and email your responses + your current resume/CV to lisa.fernandez@yale.eduno later than 5:00 pm EST on Friday, January 8th. Please use the subject line “Application for YSE 743b 2021.”  Please create one PDF with your answers first and your CV after that. If you submit other formats, or more than one attachment, or use a different subject line, you will not be considered. You will be notified by C.O.B. January 15th.

  1. Why are you interested in taking this class?

1. What organization and/or project are you planning to develop a communication plan for?

1. Do you have an existing relationship with that organization and/or project? If so, what is it? Have you asked if they would support your project (not necessary, but very helpful)?


  1. When do you expect to graduate?

Enrollment limited to twelve.