F&ES 742b / 2019-2020

Fundamentals of Working with People

Credits: 3

Spring 2020: Tu,Th, 8:30-9:50, Bowers

Environmental scientists and environmental managers are working to transform environmental outcomes by changing institutional and human behavior. Research indicates time and time again that teams are important for tackling these important challenges. From developing research projects to building a business or NGO, teams can lead to better, more efficient output because they incorporate various perspectives and benefit from a wider range of skillsets. But developing and deploying effective teams is an art and a science, full of its own challenges. It requires a deep understanding of self, including one’s own strengths, blind spots, priorities, and needs. It also requires reflection, empathy, communication, and collaboration.
This course aims to introduce students – particularly scientists and environmental managers – to the theory and practice of team management. Through a series of lectures, simulations, reflections, discussions, and exercises, students will increase their ability to:
  • Understand themselves and other individuals
  • Form and lead diverse teams
  • Influence the actions of the organizations within which they are working
  • Collaborate with others affecting the resources about which they care.