F&ES 710b / 2019-2020

Coastal Governance

Credits: 3

Spring 2020: W, 2:30-5:20, Sage 24


Effective governance combines a basic understanding of natural systems with human values to create new coastal institutions. Single-use regulations of the past (energy, wastewater, ports, marsh conservation) are being replaced by more holistic thinking (spatial management and/or ecosystem-based management). To understand the state of this transition, policy analysis frameworks are applied to sector-based and ecosystem-based management initiatives. Term projects allow student teams to consider the merit of various alternatives that they create to address contemporary problems, which have included sea-level rise, hurricane damage, fisheries, and management in developing countries. F&ES 515a and 525a or equivalent knowledge recommended. Three hours seminar; term project. Enrollment limited to eighteen.

Prerequisites for F&ES 710:
F&ES 525: The Politics and Practice of Environmental and Resource Policy

Limited to 18