F&ES 688b / 2019-2020

Forest Management and Landscape Planning

Credits: 3

Spring 2020: M,W, M, 2:30-3:20; W, 2:30-5:20, Marsh Rotunda

The format of the first half of this course is a weekly one-hour lecture reinforced by an experiential three-hour lab. The second half is seminar-style, with guest speakers and additional time for one-on-one assistance with projects. Students are required to work in groups of two or three to complete a final project related to landscape-scale forest planning and management in the broadest sense. Options for the final project geographic location and management objectives are variable to allow students to dovetail their project with their own educational and professional aspirations. Examples are taken from public land management issues in the West, industrial timberland planning in the East, conservation planning and sustainable community development in the tropics, and cityscape planning of parks, woodlands, and street trees.