[F&ES 660a] / 2019-2020

Forest Stand Dynamics

Credits: 3
Fall 2019: Time and location TBA

This course introduces the study of forest stand dynamics—how forest structures and compositions change over time with growth and disturbances. Understanding the dynamic nature of forest stands is important for creating and maintaining a variety of critical ecosystem services sustainably and synergistically, including sustainable supplies of wood products, biodiversity and wildlife habitats, water, fire protection, and others. Through readings, lectures, discussions, and field trips we explore forest development processes and pathways, concentrating on the driving mechanisms and emergent properties including natural and human disturbances. We make use of New England forests as living laboratories while discussing how similar forest patterns and processes are played out throughout the temperate, tropical, and boreal worlds. The course also provides context on the history and politics of forest ecology and conservation. It uses a book written by the instructor (Forest Stand Dynamics, 1996) and made available electronically. This class is a core component of the M.F. degree but is explicitly designed to be accessible to anyone interested in an in-depth exploration of forest ecosystems.

F&ES 660 is a prerequisite for:
F&ES 661: Analysis and Development of Silvicultural Prescriptions