ENV 605a (Hybrid) / 2020-2021

Environmental Risk Communication

Credits: 3
Teaching Mode: Hybrid
Fall 2020: Tu,Th, 3:00-4:20, Kroon 319

Risk communication is a critical but often overlooked part of how organizations identify and manage risks. Risk communication can help people take seriously risks that they might otherwise ignore (e.g., to wear a seatbelt or bicycle helmet, check for radon in their homes, evacuate from a coming hurricane). Risk communication can also provide reassurance when data indicate that a risk is not serious. Effective risk communication enables environmental professionals to communicate information in a way that is understood and accepted by different stakeholders (e.g., the public, industry, government leaders, etc.) and allows the participation of these stakeholders in risk management decisions. This course provides an overview of the theory and practice of effective communication about environmental and health risks to diverse stakeholders. Students are expected to actively participate in class discussions, drawing upon assigned readings, lectures, and videos.