ENV 575b () / 2020-2021

Environmental Leadership

Credits: 1

Spring 2021: Th, 5:00pm, 7:00pm

This course explores the various dimensions of environmental leadership: What constitutes effective environmental leadership? Are there specific leadership styles and approaches? Is environmental leadership different from leadership in other sectors? What leadership skills are most important in the environmental sector? How can leadership skills be developed and employed? How do the issues associated with diversity, equity, and inclusion inform modern environmental leadership? The course introduces students to the variety and complexity of economic, scientific, and political issues associated with the development and exercise of environmental leadership, including leadership failures as well as successes. Students meet with environmental leaders, ask questions about their roles and responsibilities, and plumb their career choices, training, and experience. The learning objectives of the course are twofold: (1) provide students with a historical and inquiry-based perspective on environmental leadership, and (2) assist students in analyzing and developing their leadership skills through interaction with a variety of environmental leaders from the governmental, nonprofit, and corporate sectors.