F&ES 510Ea / 2019-2020

Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis in the Environmental Sciences

Credits: 3
Fall 2019: Tu,Th, 2:30-3:50, CSSSI-C27

by Application only

An introduction to statistics and data analysis with emphasis on practical applications in the environmental sciences. Includes graphical analysis, common probability distributions, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, and linear regression. The second part of the course introduces the topics of multiple regression and ANOVA that are typically not covered in an introductory class such as AP statistics. There are weekly problem sets using MINITAB, SPSS, or R, as well as a final project. This course is a prerequisite for other statistics courses offered through F&ES, and it presents statistical methods used in many Yale courses in both the natural and social sciences. This course is taught in a flipped classroom approach: students watch videos before class, and classroom time is spent answering questions and working examples on computers. Enrollment limited to thirty
Limited to 30