F&ES 895a / 2015-2016

Green Building Intensive: How Buildings Work

Credits: 1
Fall 2015: F, 9:00-1200, Kroon G01
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This course is designed to introduce students, through hands-on experience and site visits, to how buildings work: their design, their materials selections, their construction, and their operation. Content will include:
·         History of building design and construction
·         Professions and skills involved in the design and construction of buildings
·         Components and functions of buildings
·         The science behind building performance
·         Green certification programs
This course is a stand-alone half-semester lab/practical course that is designed to also be a companion course with FES 894: Green Building – Policy, Process, Products, and Perspective. Green Building Intensive – How Buildings Work can be taken prior to, with, or after FES 894.
Limited to 12
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