F&ES 884b/ENAS 645b / 2015-2016

Industrial Ecology 

Credits: 3

Spring 2016: Tu,Th, 10:30-11:50, Sage 24
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Industrial ecology is (1) The study of the flows of materials and energy in industrial and consumer activities; (2) The study of the effects of these flows on the environment; (3) The study of the influences of economic, political, regulatory, and social factors on the flow, use, and transformation of resources. The goals of the course: To define and describe industrial ecology; to demonstrate the relationships among production, consumption, sustainability, and industrial ecology in diverse settings, from firms to cities to international trade flows; To show how industrial ecology serves as a framework for the consideration of environmental and sustainability-related aspects of science, technology, and policy; To define and describe tools, applications, and implications of industrial ecology. 

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