[F&ES 878a/F&ES 422a/ANTH 409a/EVST 422a] / 2015-2016

Climate & Society: Past to Present

Credits: 3
Fall 2015: Time and location TBA


This is an undergraduate seminar on the history of scholarly thinking on the relationship between climate and society, focusing on the social sciences in general and anthropology in particular.  Its premise is that contemporary debates about climate change cannot be fully comprehended without knowledge of theorizing regarding climate and society that is as ancient as human civilization itself.  The main section are: I continuities from past to present; II the linkage between societal and environmental change; III human efforts to control climate; and IV climate knowledge and its circulation.  The main text is “The Anthropology of Climate Change (Dove, ed., 2014, Wiley-Blackwell), written especially for this course. Two-hour lecture/seminar. Taught in alternate years. 

Enrollment limited to twenty.