F&ES 847a/Law 20620/MGT / 2015-2016

Decarbonizing the US Power Sector

Credits: 2
Fall 2015: Tu, 2:10-4:00, LAW - SLB 124
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Follows Law School Calendar, first class is 1 September 2015

Decarbonizing the U.S. Power Sector: Driving U.S. Climate Policy under the Clean Air Act (20620). 2 units. The Obama Administration's Clean Power Plan (CPP) is the centerpiece of its efforts to drive down power plant emissions of greenhouse gases linked to climate change. Since the final CPP will be released in the summer of 2015, this seminar will be well-timed to tap into the enormous interest and debate that the CPP has engendered. It will unfold against the backdrop of intensive efforts by policymakers, lawyers, and experts to understand the final rule and its implications, evaluate legal and political options, and begin implementation. Applying a multi-disciplinary perspective, the seminar will examine the interplay between the legal, economic, and political dimensions of the CPP. Key areas of focus will be: how the CPP relates to the larger context of climate science; the relationship between the CPP and historical efforts to address climate change; the strengths and limitations of the Obama Administration's aggressive reliance on the Clean Air Act; the effectiveness of different emission reduction tools; key criticisms of the CPP proposal and how the final rule addresses them; the energy policy and regulatory choices states must make during implementation; and the timing and likely outcome of legal challenges. The goal is to give students an understanding of the CPP's role in climate science and policy and a nuts-and-bolts immersion in the practical realities of implementing a complex regulatory framework. Paper required

Enrollment is by application and is limited to nine F&ES students.  Application process will be described during  the first day of class
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