F&ES 799a / 2015-2016

Sustainable Development Goals and Implementation

Credits: 1
Fall 2015: M, 12:00-2:00, Kroon G01
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This course is designed to have students (working alone or in a small group) design an implementation plan for a specific country, based on an item that is part of the Sustainable Development Goals that will be adopted by the UN in September 2015. Students will study the new post-2015 sustainable development goals and their implementation in the real world. The course focuses primarily on understanding and developing the ability to effectively apply a variety of tools and means of implementation, relying primarily on guest lecturers. The aim of the course is for each student or group of students to combine a geographic area/region (for example a country of key interest), a sustainable development goal [1], and a tool for implementation to design an effective implementation strategy to present to those at the ministerial and decision-making level.
[1] The complete list of SDGs can be found here:
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