F&ES 798Eb / 2015-2016

YID3202: Special Topics in Environmental Studies - China's Energy and Environmental Sustainability Challenge

Credits: 3

Spring 2016: O, online, online
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Developing solutions for global energy and climate challenges necessitates an understanding of China. This course will examine China’s economic rise in the context of its energy and environment, as they relate both within China and abroad. Issues of security, the long-term sustainability of current resource consumption and growth, and the need for innovative technology and policy are all challenges China’s energy system faces. At the same time, as the world’s largest consumer of energy and emitter of greenhouse gases, China has the ability to singlehandedly shape the course of the global climate system. The environmental consequences of China’s energy consumption and growth are also critical considerations, particularly as China’s air and water pollution have become transboundary in nature. This course is the first joint course offered with students at Yale-NUS College in Singapore
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