F&ES 796a / 2015-2016

Towards Science Communications with Impact

Credits: 3
Fall 2015: Tu,Th, 1:00-2:20, Sage 24
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TOWARDS SCIENCE COMMUNICATIONS WITH IMPACT surveys, studies and practices strategies towards effective climate and environmental science-based messaging with an eye toward public policy engagement and public interest.
In the course, students learn of new and emerging interdisciplinary research and theory in narratology, psychology, education, cultural, social and media sciences to help build skills they then practice in partnership with professional stakeholders on projects  related to climate and energy policy, goals, and planning across the public and private sectors.
Please note that where books are assigned in full, they will be available at the Yale Bookstore. Excerpts and “pages assigned” numbering less than 50 will be uploaded to the intranet and/or copied and made available at Tyco.
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