F&ES 713a / 2015-2016

Coastal Ecosystems: Natural Processes & Anthropogenic Impacts

Credits: 4
Fall 2015: W, 1:00-6:00, 380 Edwards
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An examination of the natural processes controlling coastal ecosystems,the anthropogenic threats to the health of these systems, and the potential for restoration. . Coverage of estuaries, rocky shores, seagrass meadows, coral reefs, and mangrove swamps, with a special emphasis on tidal marshes. The course covers a wide range of physical, chemical, and ecological processes, with particular focus on nutrient cycling, primary production, detrital pathways, and marsh accretion. Anthropogenic impacts covered range from local to global, and include nutrient enrichment, hypoxia, sea-level rise, invasive species, over-fishing, chemical pollution, marsh drowning, and wetland filling. Four hours lecture, several field trips

Limited to 20
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