F&ES 675b / 2015-2016

Growth and Yield (Jan 20-Feb 24)

Credits: 2

Spring 2016: W, 4:00-6:30, Marsh Rotunda
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This advanced quantitative course will introduce students to the variety of decision support tools used by land managers and investors to predict ecological and financial outcomes on managed forestlands. Growth and yield modelling is a tool used by forest managers and investors to anticipate future forest conditions and understand the associated changes in value. This workshop series/course is designed for FES and SOM students interested in forestland management and investment to understand how these models function and how to integrate results of modeling exercises into decision support tools such as financial modeling for timber investment and carbon markets. The course will progress from the theoretical framework of G&Y models and the inventories they are based upon, to hands-on application using real models and sample datasets. Participants will then input the results from the modeling exercises (timber yield or other ecosystems services such as carbon or water) into financial models to see how harvests and other management decisions affect forestland values and revenues into the future. The course will rely primarily on guest lecturers.
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