[F&ES 876/RLST 875a/REL 810a] / 2014-2015

Indigenous Religions and Ecology 

Credits: 3



This course explores how particular indigenous peoples relate to local bioregions and biodiversity. Opening with an examination of such terms as indigenous, religion,and ecology, the course investigates religious studies and ethnography related to small-scale societies and the many ways in which they relate to local bioregions and biodiversity. The course examines indigenous ethnic diversity and cultural relationships to place, and the ways values associated with physical places are articulated in symbols, myths, rituals, and other embodied practices. The emphasis on place and religious ecology in this course illustrates what indigenous peoples could bring to studies in environmental culture. Finally, this course necessarily involves questions of environmental justice, namely, the imposition of environmentally damaging projects on a people whose voice in decision making is diminished or eliminated