F&ES 853b / 2014-2015

The Political Economy of Global Energy Policy

Credits: 3

Spring 2015: Tu, 9:00-11:50, Krn G01
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This course will address the global energy challenge from four distinct perspectives: public policy, security, sustainability, and development.  The course will survey: (i) the major theoretical frameworks that are being employed to analyze how countries around the world design and implement public policies towards the energy sector—topics will include theories of the state, monopoly, regulation, public choice, global institutions and policymaking; (ii) the political economy and outcomes of electricity market liberalization; (iii) the methodological challenges in evaluating and comparing fossil-fuel-based and renewable supply technologies; (iv) the nexus between energy security, food security, and economic development; (v) the challenges associated with fossil fuels in a increasingly carbon-constrained world; (vi) the promises and physical limitations of renewable energy technologies; and (vii) the risks, uncertainties, demise, and continued promise of nuclear power.

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