F&ES 792a / 2014-2015

Structuring Success: Skills and People Required to Convert Social Ideas into Positive Community Reality (Meets Aug 27- Nov 19)

Credits: 1 or 3 credits
Fall 2014: W, 5:30-7:30, Burke Auditorium
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1 credit (active course participation), 3 credit (preparation of a in-depth paper). The “idea”, the perception of real opportunity, lies at the heart of lasting social change, but a body of skills is invariably necessary to convert that social idea into lasting positive community reality.  This course will focus on that body of skills and the quality of people that you and your organization will need to surround yourself with in order to be successful in realizing the social change that you wish to support and lead. Classes will focus on case studies of social organizations, mainly in the US, that have managed this conversion as well as on specific topics such as testing an idea for advancement and investment, articulation of mission, development of strategic and business plans, fund-raising, board development, branding, tactical leadership, and the like. Classes will be co-taught with leading board members from organizations such as The Trust for Public Land, the Land Trust Alliance, The Nature Conservancy, Scenic River Hudson, the Turner Foundation, RMI, and the Yale Divinity School, as well as from enterprises such as Patagonia, Bain, Garden and Gun, and Knudsen Vineyards.  It is specifically designed for the social entrepreneur, for the person who sees opportunity and untapped potential in an existing organization, and for the person who wants to have a deeper understanding of how best to improve an already seemingly successful entity. 
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