F&ES 748b / 2014-2015

Emerging Issues in US Energy Policy (Feb 16 - Apr 1)

Credits: 2

Spring 2015: M,W, 1:00-3:00, Krn G01
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Energy has long been a major factor in the formulation of US national security, foreign policy and domestic economic strategies. Oil is frequently linked to war, civil and ethnic violence, terrorism, environmental damage and social justice, and climate change. As new energy sources emerge in the United States and pressures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensify, large energy consuming countries like the United States are struggling to improve their national energy policy in the broader context of international relations and domestic economic policy.
This course will look in depth at how energy challenges have evolved since the 1970s oil crises and consider the elements to creating a successful US national strategic energy plan that is comprehensive and takes into account changing geopolitical and technological trends such as the advancement of solar and other forms of alternative energy, the shale oil and gas revolution, the use of an "energy weapon" in international discourse and the Arab Spring. 
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