F&ES 710b / 2014-2015

Coastal Governance

Credits: 3

Spring 2015: W, 2:30-5:20, 301 Prospect St
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Effective governance combines a basic understanding of natural systems with human values to create new coastal institutions. Single use regulations of the past (energy, wastewater, ports, marsh conservation) are being replaced by more holistic thinking (spatial management and/or ecosystem-based management).  To understand the state of this transition, policy analysis frameworks are applied to sector-based and ecosystem-based management initiatives. Term projects allow student teams to consider the merit of various alternatives that they create to address contemporary problems such as sea level rise, hurricane damage, and fisheries.  F&ES 515a and 525a or equivalent knowledge recommended. Three hours seminar; term project. 

Prerequisites for F&ES 710:
F&ES 515: Physical Science for Environmental Management
F&ES 525: The Politics and Practice of Environmental and Resource Policy
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