F&ES 668b / 2014-2015

Field Trips in Forest Resource Management and Silviculture

Credits: 1

Spring 2015: Time and location TBA


Seven- to twelve-day field trips to study the silviculture and forest management of particular forest regions. In previous years, classes have visited Slovenia, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, British Columbia, and, in the United States, the southern Coastal Plain and Piedmont, and the Allegheny, Appalachian, Adirondack, and Green mountains.

This Fall:Students from Munich and Yale FES will embark on a joint three-day field trip to experience and observe various forest operations and land owner issues from Thursday Sept 12 thru to Saturday Sept. 14th. We will visit private forest landowners, harvesting operations and industrial timber lands, State Forest and Parks in Massachusetts and Connecticut, the Quabbin Watershed for the City of Boston, and the Harvard Forest. (Satisfactory Completion).