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Diversity in the Environmental Movement

Organizations and resources that actively engage with and report on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the environmental movement.

Center for Diversity and the Environment
CDE works to educate future leaders and inspire change at the intersection of diversity and the environment.

Center for Whole Communities
Center for Whole Communities exists to cultivate transformative leadership that weaves together and strengthens movements for justice and the environment.

City Lab
Brentin Mock writes on diversity and the environment at City Lab and previously wrote for Grist. Explore the Environment section for more.

Green 2.0
Green 2.0 is a platform for expanding diversity in environmental nonprofits and government. Dr. Dorceta Taylor authored a 2014 report titled “The State of Diversity in Environmental Organizations: Mainstream NGOs, Foundations & Government Agencies” that revealed the state of diversity trends in the environmental movement as a whole.

Indigenous Environmental Network
IEN is an alliance of Indigenous Peoples whose Shared Mission is to Protect the Sacredness of Earth Mother from contamination & exploitation by Respecting and Adhering to Indigenous Knowledge and Natural Law.

Outdoor Afro
This network exists to encourage African American individuals in connecting with nature. They host events all throughout the country to connect people with meaningful outdoor experiences.

The Trail Posse
This media resource seeks to share information on issues of diversity in the outdoors. It illustrates the benefits of exposure to the outdoors in a way that helps address access for marginalized groups.

New Haven Resources

Part of diversity, equity and inclusion is being aware of the context in which we live and work and being connected to our communities. While these resources are not specifically focused on diversity, they are helpful in understanding the New Haven community.

New Haven Independent
One of the most popular local news sources, the Independent is focused on local news and issues. Their mission is to bring the power of the press to the people.

I Love New Haven
The photo project by Chris Randall and Jeffery Kerekes illustrates New Haven from the perspective of the people.

Daily Nutmeg
The content of this daily email subscription and website focuses on issues and stories that are relevant to the New Haven community.


Brene Brown on Empathy
(3 min to watch)

Diversity Builds a More Resilient Environmental Movement | Charles Orgbon III | TEDxVail
(10 min to watch)

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Discussing Race | Jay Smooth | TEDxHampshireCollege
(12 min to watch)

Marketing environmental hip hop and culinary wellness | DJ Cavem & Alkemia Earth | TEDxManhattan
(17 min to watch)

The Power of Vulnerability | Brene Brown | TED
(21 min to watch)

Diversity in Education

Diverse Issues in Higher Education

As one of the only resources solely focused on diversity in higher education, this publication bring forth information and commentary about a range of issues across higher education

Inside Higher Ed
This daily publication focuses on all current issues in higher education and has resources specifically focused on diversity.

Association of American Colleges and Universities: Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Excellence
This compilation of resources is available to provide additional resources for looking at these topics in the context of higher education.

Diversity & Equity

The Race Card Project

This project challenges people to think about their own experiences around race and express them in only six words.

Story Corps aims to save the stories and experiences of people to build connections and teach understanding.

City Lab
While this news outlet does not have an explicit goal of addressing diversity and inclusion, it exists to inspire those seeking to make an impact on the future of our cities.

Self Assessments

These resources are available to help further one’s individual journey to better understanding of diversity education and community.

Implicit Association Test
Project Implicit offers many online tests to educate people about their hidden biases.

What is Unconscious Bias?
A resource for assessing and addressing unconscious biases.