EQUID Committee

FES students during MODs
Genora Givens
EQUID (Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity) Committee members meet regularly to discuss and define the school’s strategy for advancing diversity initiatives to create an inclusive school community.


Thomas Easley, Yolanda Quiñones


Minna Brown, Joanne DeBernardo, Becky DeSalvo, Kathy Douglas, Nickelle Gilbert, Ned Gordon, Katherine Hollins, Melanie Quigley, Scott Rumage, Ben Walter


Gordon Geballe, Simon Queenborough


Vivian Breckenridge, Loni Cantu, Donovan Ervin, Mickhale Green, Erica Qiao, Arianna Tabibzadeh Nuri, Maggie Yao

For questions about EQUID, please contact EQUID@yale.edu.

Meet the EQUID Student Committee Members

The EQUID Student Committee (Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity) with its inaugural year of 2014, are a group of six student employees who work closely with the Office of Community and Inclusion.  EQUID Students are the ambassadors of the FES Community that address community needs which include, planning and designing programs to further enhance diversity and inclusion at FES.  Students are tasked with collaborating with peers in the areas of community outreach, communications, event planning, research and creating a safe space for underrepresented groups.  If you have any questions please feel free to email your fellow EQUID Student Committee.
Cantu portrait
Loni Cantu ’20 Masters of Environmental Management Candidate
Loni is student specializing in ecosystems and land conservation management. I grew up in South Texas the youngest of 6 children.  My first “real” experience with nature was during my first job out of college. As a park guide at Grand Teton National Park, I was able to explore, discover, and teach about the natural world around me, for the first time in my life.  It was a great privilege to work at the Tetons, and it built a drive in me to support education and environmental opportunities for marginalized youth and communities.  I feel everyone should have access to parks, and opportunities to engage and connect with the outdoors. Since that first job, I have had a 7 year career journey through AmeriCorps, GeoCorps, Teach for America, and Peace Corps Fiji. The culmination of my past experiences has manifested into the dream of supporting high-need communities in building deeper more meaningful learning experiences, and to help promote a more peaceful relationship between society and our environment.  As a student representative of EQUID, I am very excited to support a more inclusive and empathetic learning space at FES. 
Ervin portrait
Donovan Ervin ’19 Master of Business Administration and Environmental Management Candidate
Originally from Garland, Texas, he earned his BA with honors in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity from Stanford University. Upon graduation, Donovan lived and worked in Santarém, Brazil for an academic year as a Fulbright Scholar. He subsequently worked in various roles in the social sector in Chicago and Dallas, most recently as the Director of Strategy and Capacity Building at Social Venture Partners Dallas. He’s passionate about leveraging the power of multinational food-related business to drive social and environmental progress – both locally and globally. While at Yale, Donovan serves as a Kerry Fellow at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, co-leads a leadership course at CBEY, serves on the Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity committee at F&ES, and is a Teaching Assistant for the Power and Politics core course at SOM.
Green portrait
Mickhale Green ’19 Masters of Environmental Management Candidate
Mickhale grew up in Jamaica and immigrated to Atlanta, Georgia as an adolescent.  He graduated from Amherst College with a double major in Environmental Studies and Political Science. At F&ES he is focusing on food entrepreneurship and sustainability in the global food system. His work within EQUID will be driven by his personal and professional interest in creating more open dialogue around topics such as race, immigration, and mental illness. He hopes his work will continue the efforts of those who have come before him and leave F&ES better for those to come.
Nelums portrait
Julian Nelums ’19 Masters of Environmental Management Candidate
Julian Nelums who is very excited to work alongside the EQUID team! He is currently a 2nd year MEM specializing in business and environment with a previous background in international relations and public health. Julian believes that for FES to perform as a leader in its field it must continuously challenge itself to foster a true sense of equity, inclusion and diversity among students, faculty and staff. His previous work around diversity and inclusion was with the Posse Foundation organizing retreats and other events focused on discussing the nuances of diversity and inclusion. While on EQUID, he will be focusing primarily on events and trainings for FES (and EQUID) centered around equity, inclusion and diversity awareness and anti-bias. He also hopes to support the formation of pipeline programs to FES for students of diverse backgrounds.  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, suggestions or just need someone to talk to!
Nuri portrait
Arianna Tabibzadeh Nuri ’20 Master of Forestry Candidate
Arianna is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Ari graduated summa cum laude from the University of a California, Berkeley in 2017 with a B.S. in Conservation and Resource Studies and a minor in Forestry and Natural Resources. While at Berkeley, she pursued freshwater ecology research, served as a peer mentor, and undergraduate teaching assistant. Prior to coming to FES, Ari worked at the Pacific Northwest Regional Office of the USDA Forest Service, where she contributed to science communications and the agency’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. As a Master of Forestry candidate at Yale, Ari is particularly interested in forest health, resilience, and climate change. In her spare time, Ari enjoys hiking, yoga, and cooking. 
Yao portrait
Maggie Yuan Yao ’19 Masters of Environmental Management and Johns Hopkins SAIS, Candidate
Maggie’s research interests include renewable energy, carbon footprint, air pollution, and remote sensing.  Prior to FES, she worked on projects ranging from US electricity market, deforestation in DRC, and China's foreign investment to nuclear nonproliferation. She also conducted research on China's freight traffic and night lights for a think tank in Saudi Arabia. She received her BA in Political Economy from University of California Berkeley in 2015. She grew up in Tianjin, China and she enjoys traveling, yoga, and barre in her free time.