PhD and Post-Doc Career Resources

Yale University provides extensive resources for PhD students and Post-docs for academic and non-academic career development. The CDO created this page to help our PhD students and Post-doc appointees successfully navigate those resources.

Yale Office of Career Strategy

Non-academic Job Search for PhDs and Post-docs

Office of Career Strategy (OCS)

  • online resume review
  • walk in hours during the academic year
  • scheduled advising appointments
  • Graduate students at Yale Graduate School of Arts & Sciences and post-docs have access to the OCS on campus recruiting system, including job postings and the calendar of events for on campus recruiting events managed by that office (McKinsey, BCG, et. al.)

CV-to-Resume Conversion Guide

CV Resume Conversion Guide
Practical guide to converting your CV to a resume for non-academic applications, Yale Office of Career Strategy.

Advanced Degree Management Consulting Careers

Office of Post-Doctoral Affairs

Teaching and Academic Writing Resources