Career Resources for International Students

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YSE Offers a Two-Day Orientation for International Students
Job search materials, methods and etiquette for both career full-time positions and internships in the U.S. may be quite different from those in your home country and other countries you have worked in outside of the U.S.

We encourage all of our international students to visit CDO early in the year to discuss internship and employment strategies.

Are You Ready? 6 Steps from Dreambridge Partners for International Students on the U.S. Job Market

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Dreambridge Partners instructional videos on:
  • U.S. Culture
  • Academics in the U.S.
  • Small Talk
  • Job Search Success
  • StorySelling

Available on loan from CDO!

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stem opt 250(1)

F-1 students with degrees in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) may be eligible for an extension of their Post-Completion OPT work permission. Currently F&ES masters students are eligible in all degrees. Regulations change, however, so please be sure to consult an OISS advisor.

Visa and Immigration Career Information

screen shot of website provides access a wealth of visa and immigration data.
image of GoingGlobal's H1B Plus database search page
GoinGlobal’s exclusive H1B Plus database provides millions of visa application listings for American employers seeking to hire international talent in the United States.
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Powerpoint presentation on Visa and Immigration after graduation.  This presentation is offered several times a year by the Office of International Students and Scholars in collaboration with career services offices across the university.

Conducting Your Job Search Outside of the U.S.?

GoinGlobal provides country-specific career guides

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For International and Domestic Students: Cross-Cultural Considerations for Career Development

YouTube introduction to How Different Cultures Tell Time, a key career and workplace cultural agility basic for all students by Sana Reynolds
screen shot of sana reynolds website covering basics on cross cultural communications

Basic competencies on cross-cultural communication outlined by Sana Reynolds, co-author of Guide to Cross-Cultural Communication and multi-cultural communications expert.

Yale Office of International Students and Scholars

Yale Office of International Students and Scholars is your go-to resource for all visa and immigration questions.  Visit their website and meet with an advisor to get answers to all of your U.S. internship and job questions.
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