The Conference of the Parties 13 is in full force – and Yale certainly is on the scene. Attending plenaries and side events aplenty, informal sessions on actual discussions on the text, interviewing delegates and helping spread awareness on the important role of deforestation in fighting climate change…there is much going on and much to be done. Today, December 7, members of the Yale delegation are currently at the IPCC briefing of its fourth report, especially the Synthesis Report released last month (Nov 16th) – a very climate policy-relevant assessment. Dr. Pachuri states that this report looks at the observed evidence of climate change, the causes and drivers of change, and an assessment of impacts, especially long term impacts, comparing action versus inaction.

The Yale delegation is also today…

Over twenty Yale F&ES students and three faculty are attending the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) in Bali, December 3-14, 2007.

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