We have received lots of phone calls and emails about our new requirement that international transcripts be evaluated.  I realize that many of you may be confused by this is extra step in the application process, and may wonder why we have created this requirement when none of our peer institutions are doing so.  First, let me state that our policies are not based upon what other Yale programs or peer universities require.  The decision to ask for evaluations was not made lightly, and stemmed from a few different issues.  Most importantly, evaluation is the only way we feel that we can fairly consider transcripts from all different educational systems.  And, unfortunately, there have been suspected instances of transcript fraud.  So, in a sense, we have a situation where one…

From Midterms to Thanksgiving

Time passes at lightening speed when you are going through midterms. During a stretch of two weeks, you feel as though your life revolves around these exams that were never designed to give you a hard time, but simply to identify your level of progress. The second-years all tell us first-years that we are taking school too seriously. “Grades do not matter here,” they tell us with an air of maturity, and we agree with the nodding of our heads. However, as soon as they have their backs turned to us, we embark on sleepless nights of essay writing, information cramming, and other such scholarly activities. The midterms were rocky, and perhaps we took it all too seriously

This time of year, Admissions Officers spend the bulk of September, October and November focusing their efforts on traveling around the country (or for some lucky few, the world!) to meet prospective students and make information about their respective programs more accessible. After all, we realize that it isn’t always easy to pick up and head across country to visit our campus while working, in school, or otherwise engaged. This week, I spent Monday evening hosting an Information Session in Portland, Oregon, traveled to Seattle on Tuesday morning to partake in the Seattle Idealist Graduate School fair, and am now on a plane heading to Denver to host an Information Session and participate in the Denver Idealist Fair…. a busy week for me!

I’ve got to say—this time of…

Prospective students sometimes wonder what goes on during a typical week at F&ES.  Here’s a peek into our events from the last few days:

Sept 29 – German Forest Policy between Brussels, Berlin and the Black Forest: Understanding coalition struggles in a multi-level policy arena, Georg Winkel, Ph.D. IFP University of Freiburg, Germany

Sept 29 – Yale Environmental Law Association introductory meeting

Sept 30 – Toward Sustainable Development, Dr. Rajendra Pachuri, IPCC & Yale F&ES

Sept 30 – A Path Forward on Climate & Energy, Dr. Daniel Schrag, Professor & Director of the Harvard University Center for the Environment

Oct 3 – Yale F&ES Student Advisory Committee Town Hall with Dean Peter Crane

Oct 3 – Conversation with Andrew Winston MEM’03, founder of…

This general video describes the history of Yale, outlines the academic offerings and campus life, and highlights some of the Yale graduates and faculty who have made significant contributions to their fields or society.  Yale F&ES is mentioned only briefly, but this video offers some great footage of the campus.  Our headquarters, Kroon Hall, is shown in one of the early aerial shots in the video.  Can you find it?


For students enrolled in the Master of Environmental Management program at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies (F&ES), choosing courses is like being a kid in a candy store. The choices are abundant, even wondrous, and F&ES students are curious and interested in a lot of things. But while the plethora of choices is considered a virtue—the M.E.M. offers over 100 electives—their lack of organization has been a frequent source of confusion—until now.

Read more about the M.E.M changes

Our 2011 incoming Master’s students have come from 67 U.S. and 20 international undergraduate programs.  And here’s a sampling of the various languages they speak:

American Sign Language, Arabic, Bulgarian, Dutch, Dzongka, French, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Latin, Mandarin, Mongolian, Nepali, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Uzbek.

Don’t see your language?  Apply to F&ES and we can add you to the list next year!

F&ES students come from a variety of academic backgrounds (ranging from genetics or biochemistry to music or English literature).  Their professional backgrounds also run a broad spectrum from environmental attorneys to human rights activists to wilderness firefighters.  Learning from your classmates is one of the greatest things about F&ES.

Application tip: Your personal statement should concentration on why…

Hello from FES!!

I greet you today first and foremost as a first-year FES student at Yale University. I am also a female international student pursuing a Master’s degree in Environmental Management (MEM). I also happen to be a new team member at the Admissions office here. Throughout the ensuing school year, I will be providing you short tidbits about my experiences here at FES, which I hope will be of some help to you while making important life decisions.

My name is Onon Bayasgalan and I come from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Unless you’ve been to Mongolia, or have other substantial reasons to know about Mongolia, I’d recommend

On the road again...
On the road again...

On the road again…

Many people in the US will recognize this phrase as the title to a Willie Nelson song (I know some of you are thinking “Who’s Willie Nelson, right?” You can google him if you are really curious…), but to F&ES admissions staffers it literally means that we are traveling.  Recruiting season is now upon us and F&ES has already participated in four different events this week.  The first took place right here in Kroon Hall for Yale students interested in the F&ES/School of Management joint degree program.  Then we visited Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY and two idealist.org graduate fairs in New York City and Washington, DC.  From here it…

Kroon Hall street sign

Yesterday, Danielle Curtis (Asst. Director of Admissions & Financial Aid) emailed an announcement about the F&ES Master’s application form becoming available today.  The application opened this morning at 9:00am Eastern Time, and I am happy to say that some of you started the process already.  It is truly exciting for us to see your enthusiasm.  Admissions staffers love people who do not wait until the last minute to start their application forms.  We encourage you to research different graduate programs, investigate your options, work steadily to prepare and refine your application materials, and submit a timely and thorough application.  Applying to graduate school isn’t rocket science, but it does take time and effort. Be mindful of the December 15th deadline and think ahead.  Trust me, December will be here soon…