Taking a minute to talk about living in New Haven, Connecticut.

Taking a minute to talk about living in New Haven, Connecticut.

Hello class of 2019,

Welcome to F&ES! My name is David McCarthy, I am a second-year MEM student and a lifelong CT resident who has resided in New Haven for the past nine years. I study climate change adaption through the lenses of: resiliency, conservation, strategic communication and policy.

I want to take a minute and talk about living in New Haven, Connecticut and tell you how great my home state is! CT is a very diverse state with a lot to offer in regards to food, scenery, city and rural life. We are smack in the middle of Boston and New York City, two great destinations. I have driven through almost all of CT’s counties, cities and towns, each one is very different from the next. Some areas of the state resemble CT’s earlier colonial times. In fact, if you are interested in that sort of thing, CT has over a hundred historical homes you can visit.  More populous areas, such as Hartford and New Haven reflect a modern and youthful big city feel. Lots of life, art, theater, live music and ethnically diverse restaurants.

Great local online publications to read are the New Haven Independent and New Haven Magazine.

New Haven has been my home since 2008, I consider it to be the best place to live in CT. It’s a very walkable and bike friendly place. There’s something for everyone such as: trails to hike, wooded roads to bike, restaurants and bars to patron, live theater, organic super markets and plenty of Ubers to get you around should it be too cold or rainy. I live in a neighborhood called East Rock, named after the park at the foot of the Mill River. East rock is where a lot of FESers reside, mainly because of its size and proximity to campus; just a 5-10-minute walk. I like living here because of the friendly atmosphere, markets on Orange St. and the short walk to school and downtown. The park is also a major asset of the neighborhood. It has a kayak and canoe launching point under the Orange St. bridge, plenty of space to picnic and read, basketball hoops, jogging paths and more. There is a summit you can hike or drive to and see all the way across the sound into Long Island, NY. There are plenty of trail options to get up and down, I recommend the Giant Steps path!

Safety is a concern for anyone traveling or moving to a new city. I will share that in all my years of living here, I have never had a problem; outside my bike being stolen, once. Being in any city, it’s important to know your surroundings and be cautious.  Yale provides many services including busses and private shuttles to help you get around.

The months of July and August are what we locals call, moving month. No, we don’t call it that, but we might as well. There is such a transient population here in New Haven and most leases end at the same time, by design. I would say there are few conventional ways to seek out housing.

  1. Reaching out to local realtors – This is a great way to see a lot of apartments all at once. They will know well in advance when their leases are up. Just toss them your budget, neighborhood of choice, move in dates, and they will take care of the rest. They are all very used to students coming and going.
    1. Pike International
    2. Vacancy Busters
  2. Craigslist – Great way to scope and price the market. A lot of the local realtors will also post there.
  3. Yale Housing List: https://your.yale.edu/community/campus-living
  4. Networking and finding yourself an FES apartment – Some apartments have been handed down to incoming FESers for many years. Your best chances of landing one of these apartments are on Facebook. Join the two groups below and ask around. =]
    1. Yale FES
    2. Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
    3. Your incoming class FB group
  • Personal note: everything is negotiable. Don’t be afraid to negotiate your rent, lease dates, security deposit, etc. Get creative: “I’ll take care of snow and leaf removal for X off the rent…”

I must say, life here is great here. FES is a very special place. We are a school that fosters coopetition. The students and faculty are very friendly, always looking out for one another; especially ways to accelerate each other.

Soon you will enter MODS, get excited! It’s an amazing, age-old tradition of FES and by the time you exit, you will know your entire incoming class by first name.

Please feel free to follow up with me, I am here to answer any questions you may have about FES, student life and living in New Haven, CT. david.mccarthy@yale.edu

Looking forward to seeing you all at open house and around campus come fall!


David E. McCarthy

P.S. The image is one that I took of New Haven celebrating its 375th birthday with a rainbow laser that extended into NY! story here