Housing in New Haven

Housing in New Haven

New Haven is a fun, small city for F&ES students to call home.

Most F&ES students live in the East Rock neighborhood of New Haven (named for nearby East Rock Park). This neighborhood provides a close-knit graduate community and cute Italian grocery stores. There are plenty of places to park and the Orange shuttle line serves this area.

Other popular neighborhoods are Science Hill (right by F&ES), Mansfield Street, and downtown. Science Hill and Mansfield Street are the closest to the School and have plenty of graduate students of their own. Downtown, although farther from F&ES, is a wonderful place to live if you want to be near many restaurants, bars, shopping, and the hub of New Haven. These areas are served by the Red and Blue shuttle lines.

Students find housing through Craigslist (http://newhaven.craigslist.org) and the F&ES Housing Google Sheet (coming soon!). Other resources:
Hadley, Inc. http://trumbullenterprises.com
Vacancy Busters http://www.vacancybusters.com
Frew & Frew LLC http://www.susanfrew.com
Elm Campus Partners http://elmcampus.com
Campus Map http://map.yale.edu
Yale Shuttle Map http://to.yale.edu
“Sageboy” http://sites.environment.yale.edu/sageboy/?/sageboy/
And if you’re interested in on-campus housing, it is necessary to apply: http://housing.yale.edu

F&ES students, no matter which neighborhood they live in, tend to own bikes. Biking opens up city access and quickly turns 20-minute walks into five-minute rides. F&ES has many bike racks, and each day they are packed with bicycles of different shapes and sizes.

Each New Haven neighborhood has charm of its own, and there is one right for you!