For those unable to attend Admitted Student Open House!

For those unable to attend Admitted Student Open House!

For prospective students out there that can’t make it to the Admitted Student Open House next week, here is a list of questions to peruse that will give you a better sense of the School!

Q: How do I find a faculty advisor?
A: If you’re an MESc or MFS student, you already identified potential research advisors at the time of your application. If you’re an MEM or MF student, you will be assigned an advisor upon arrival on campus. You should be prompted to email your top faculty choices during the summer.

Q: Is it difficult to have a work-study job and be a full-time student?
A: Around 80% of F&ES students receive financial aid and therefore are eligible for work-study jobs and student assistantships on campus. Many students have part-time jobs, whether as a research assistant for a particular faculty member or through administrative offices.

Q: What kinds of internships do F&ES students do in the summer? How do they find them?
A: Check out to learn more about the F&ES Career Development Office (CDO). Go to to learn more about F&ES student internships! The CDO offers job trek opportunities, career fairs, individual counseling, workshops, on-campus recruiting events, access to the alumni network, and job postings for internships and full-time positions.

Q: Where do most students live? How much does housing cost?
A: I wrote a blog on this! Check it out here:

Q: What are alumni up to?
A: The CDO has helpful post-graduation employment data available here:

Q: What are SIGs?
A: SIG stands for Student Interest Groups. Most students are in at least one SIG, oftentimes more than one! SIGs help students with similar interests connect and are responsible for bringing in awesome speakers and career opportunities for students. You are bound to find one you are interested in!

Q: What are the Research Centers and Programs?
A: Centers and Programs sponsor student internships and projects, coordinate faculty research in areas of common interest, and create symposia, conferences, newsletters and outreach programs. Each Center and Program often has student research assistantships available. The Centers and Programs put on incredible events and are a wonderful resource for students pursuing a specific research interest.

Q: As an F&ES student, can I also take advantage of other Yale University opportunities?
A: Absolutely. Students here are both F&ESers and Yalies. F&ES students are able to take classes at other schools, including the 12 graduate & professional schools and Yale College. In fact, F&ES students can apply for joint degree programs that allow them to receive two masters degrees during their time here. There are 12 joint degree programs to choose from (

Q: What is life like in New Haven?
A: New Haven is a wonderful college town (small city). It is home to world-renowned museums, including the Yale University Art Gallery and the British Art Museum, a diverse array of shops and incredible restaurants, and beautiful parks. Many students also take advantage of being so close to New York and Boston: NYC is only 2 hours away by train, and Boston is 2.5!