Job Hunt Stress!

Job Hunt Stress!

Last week I wrote about the exciting goings on at the F&ES Career Development Office. However, I’m afraid I didn’t touch on how second year students are handling the mounting pressure to begin thinking about graduation and their future environmental careers.

I asked a few friends about their feelings and was met with varying emotions. I caught James Ball ’16 as he was leaving a meeting with Ladd Flock, our Director of Career Development. “The best way to end job stress is by mixing uppers and downers,” he joked. But in all seriousness, “The strong social cohesion of the School of Forestry makes the networking of finding a job that much more of a pleasure.” He said he’s not worried; all will be fine!

Shelley Clark ’16 also had a positive attitude about the scary unknown. “I’m trying to be really productive about [searching for a job] and not let myself get horrified. It’s easy to feel down in the dumps, but the alumni database in particular is very hopeful. There are so many alums all over the place doing the things I would like to do. It made me feel good about what I’d be doing after graduation…I can get a cool job like those people!” She also emphasized the effectiveness of making a spreadsheet of her networking contacts–a tactic the CDO encourages all students to follow.

“Don’t underestimate the value of networking,” says Breanna Lujan ’16, a fifth year student like myself. She plans to move to San Francisco, Portland, or Seattle and work in environmental policy.

No matter where students are in their job search strategy, they can feel confident knowing they have a supportive community behind them and generations of former FESers available to provide networking opportunities and advice.