Welcome Rachel!

Welcome Rachel!

Hello prospective students! 

My name is Rachel Ett, and I’m an MEM5 student at Yale F&ES. I went to Yale College as an undergraduate, took one “gap year” to work, and now I’m back for my “fifth year” as an MEM student. I will graduate in May with the class of 2016.

More about me: I’m from South Carolina and a true southerner at heart! I majored in Environmental Studies at Yale College, and during my gap year before F&ES I worked at a start-up event planning company in Brooklyn and at NRG Energy, a Fortune 200 energy company, in Houston. Taking a year off before coming back to graduate school was extremely valuable to me. I was able to narrow my academic focus, and having “real world experience” allows me to connect easily with my peers and see my classes with a new perspective. (At age 23, I am one of the youngest among masters students!)

My general focus is business and the environment, and I plan on returning to work at NRG. I am taking four classes this semester: Economics of the Environment, Corporate Environmental Management and Strategy, Energy Systems Analysis, and Life Cycle Assessment Practicum. In addition to working at Admissions, I am also a member of F&ES’s Environmental Stewardship Committee, a group whose aim is to increase environmental awareness and stewardship at F&ES.

This is going to be a whirlwind of a year! I am so excited to be back at Yale and specifically at F&ES. Although it has only been a few months, I have loved my experience thus far!