Help Wanted for Project Linking Ecologists and Designers in Baltimore

Help Wanted for Project Linking Ecologists and Designers in Baltimore

The Baltimore Earth Stewardship Initiative (ESI), a Yale-led project that aims to strengthen the role of ecologists in urban planning design, is looking for graduate research fellows and assistants to help coordinate and run a large-scale demonstration project during the annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America (ESA) in August.

The initiative is part of the ESA’s broader stewardship goal to shape pathways to ecological change that enhance ecosystem resilience and human well-being. The Baltimore team will help create a series of installations and workshops at the 100th annual meeting of the ESA, being held Aug. 9 to 14 in Baltimore.
The team is looking for graduate research fellows to serve as leaders, organizers, and “documenters” of the event, as well as research assistants and design students interested in incorporating ecological science into grassroots planning and design.

During the project, the group will engage with ecologists, urban designers, and students in real-world community planning and design, while also supporting socio-ecological revitalization of Baltimore communities.

Last year, the project created a series of interactive installations at ESA’s annual conference in Sacramento, Calif., and organized workshops and field events to illustrate how ecology can be used to help solve larger societal challenges.

They organized their own panel discussions and field trips. And they set up a series of demonstrations that encouraged visitors to contemplate and explore the promise of green infrastructure — from window decals that allowed people to design their own projects with stickers and markers to plant-filled kiddie pools designed to attract pollinating bees.

The project is led by Alexander Felson, an assistant professor at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and the Yale School of Architecture, and Caroline Dumont, M.D.

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