Admitted Student Open House

Admitted Student Open House

Last week, the Office of Admissions hosted over 100 admitted students (admits) at F&ES for our annual Admitted Students Open House. Many admits were accommodated by current students, and all were invited to a number of events, including panel discussions with current students and faculty, chats with students of certain disciplines, meetings with professors, and talks presented by F&ES’s support staff on financial aid, preparing to move to New Haven, and understanding more about the program generally. I, personally, had the pleasure of meeting many admits I’ve been corresponding with for the past couple of months and having a conversation face-to-face.

Most of the day’s events were broadcast live from Burke Auditorium in Kroon Hall, so that students unable to attend the orientation were able to watch from across the world (any admitted student who missed the day’s events can access the videos online here).

While much of Friday was devoted to understanding logistics about the school, the different programs at F&ES, and how to prepare for the next two years, there were some activities organized to help admits better understand the social atmosphere of F&ES.

On Thursday evening, admits were sent in small groups to restaurants throughout New Haven to get a taste of what this small city has to offer. Some students tried the clam-pie pizza New Haven is famous for at Bar, others experienced farm-to-table dishes cooked up for us at Oak Haven, while others enjoyed cuisine from all corners of the world.

On Friday, after the day’s more formally scheduled activities, F&ES’s Forestry Club and Westies Student Interest Group (SIG) hosted a special TGIF (“Thank God I’m a Forester”) social, inviting current students to compete in a chili cookoff, and participate in the annual Easties vs. Westies tug-of-war (unsurprisingly, the Westies, or those who hail from the American West or identify as a Westy deep within their being, won the tug-of-war). The spirited TGIF was followed by a trip to GPSCY, the Yale-run-and-subsidized graduate school bar, where admits and current students were able to socialize in a more laid-back atmosphere.

Overall, the week was a success, and we look forward to seeing all of you admits in the fall!

Photo of the first-years winning the annual tug-o-war by Howie Chong.