Foresters with Talent

Foresters with Talent

I think there’s always a trepidation when beginning to think about returning to school after spending time working, traveling, or taking time off, as there’s a perception that graduate school becomes a vortex of the “all-work and no-play” mindset. While this, to some extent, is a totally true of the F&ES Program, I’ve found that this school supports and encourages social events just as much as it emphasizes academic and professional networking.

Most students here are creative. It makes sense; as environmental professionals and scientists, we’re asked to find new and innovative approaches to help conserve, protect, manage, and use the environment in ways that promote diversity, social justice, and economic prosperity. In this way, our student body is highly diverse in that it brings together thinkers from different backgrounds and specialties, and asks us to use and teach our skills in and with the community here at F&ES.

As it turns out, this diversity not only spans talent in academics, business, law, and science, but also (not surprisingly) bleeds into music, culture, and the arts. As it turns out, we’re a pretty talented cohort of individuals, and what better place to showcase those non-academic passions than the F&ES talent show?

Forestry Club, the somewhat secretive society that goes about planning most of the big shin-digs here at F&ES, hosted its annual Talent Show this past Friday, where students were encouraged to show off their extracurricular interests to a crowd of Foresters.

While passing pizza around a packed Bowers Auditorium (standing room only), audience members munched on snacks and drinks and watched F&ES bands and singers jam on stage, Bollywood enthusiasts dance to choreographed routines, an acrobatic pole-dancer fly in the air, and enthusiastic “spidermen” perform pyrotechnics on stage.

Overall, it was a wonderful community event—friends were there to support each other, every act received warm and enthusiastic applause, and everyone was excited to see their peers and friends perform. Since coming here, I’ve realized that this is one of the real strengths of F&ES: from the first day of arriving on campus, there is a major push to build a community of professionals and academics, but also a community of friends whose lives overlap both in and outside of class.  And as things pick up here, it has been truly amazing and inspiring to have this community of peers to support and be supported by. It makes every aspect of grad school so much easier and enjoyable. I love it.

Photo Credit: Yiyuan Jasmine Qin