Student and Family; A few things to consider

Student and Family; A few things to consider

We are fortunate that our students bring with them a varied list of characteristics that describe them and for many this list includes parent and spouse. Below are a few suggestions that current students who are in this capacity have offered.


  • “First of all I would recommend the graduate housing on Prospect.  I don’t live there myself but wish I did.  Mostly families, lots of kids and toys in the yard.”  Check for more information.


  •  “In the case of international students coming in with their spouses and kids it is critical for the non-English speaking parents to get to know one another as soon as possible, ideally prior to MODS during which the spouses are basically abandoned.”  There are additional tips for international families at



  • “Getting the children into school right away is very important, I know that made a big difference for several of us, and probably kept our spouses from leaving the country altogether.”


  • “Bring all vaccine info from home country.  Getting them done up here is a real pain, and will set you back a semester.”


  • “Students should also take full advantage of their spouse status, one of the spouses is in most of my classes, I thought he was a student until just last week!”  There will be additional information about this in your student handbook which will be sent out once the deposit deadline has passed. In the meantime, click here


“Coming here with the family is a trade off.  It takes up time that could be otherwise spent going to more seminars and guest lectures and socializing, but for me I know I made the right choice.  You just have to know where to set your priorities.  Mine are family, and then studies and socializing a distant third.  Class workload is very doable with a family.  We are up here from the middle of the jungle, wife and two kids, and I did just great last semester.”


If you have any questions regarding families and the greater New Haven area or would like to speak with a student currently attending F&ES that has a family, please contact Becky DeSalvo at