Yale Environment Review is looking for new writers for next Fall!

There are a whole slew of activities and groups you should consider in participating, one of which is the Yale Environment Review (YER) – a student-run review that provides weekly updates on environmental research findings.

YER aims to bridge the gap between environmentally-related academic research and its application to policy and management. In order to increase access to specialized information, YER publishes readable and concise summaries of recent original, peer-reviewed literature so that it can be useful to those engaged in the field of environmental and natural resource management.

This is a great opportunity to get involved in one of the many student-run groups within the FES community while honing skills as an environmental writer with published works for a wider audience. There is also course credit option available for participation in YER.

We are looking for new writers to join the team at the beginning of the Fall semester. If interested, please submit the following by June 28th to environment.review@yale.edu:
• a 1-paragraph introduction about yourself, academic and/or career interests, and brief description of your perspectives on environmental topics that you would like to cover
• a summary pitch (no longer than ½ page)
• PDF of peer-reviewed journal article the summary pitch is based on

Please feel free to contact Lynette Leighton at lynette.leighton@yale.edu if you have any questions or concerns!