Advice for New Students—New Haven is Awesome!

Advice for New Students—New Haven is Awesome!


The Office of Admissions is starting our first week without Emily, our incredible recent grad who has brought you many exciting blog posts. She has left us to pursue bigger and better things–and we are so excited to see where the adventure takes her! However, she left me a series of posts to post in her absence — and here is the first! Enjoy!

Hello again, Blog World! Emily again with another bit of advice for living in New Haven. For this one, I thought I’d highlight some of the places that make this city so much fun to live in—restaurants, bars, stuff to do, etc.

Food: I’ve heard New Haven referred to as the “Foodie Suburb of NYC.” And I can see why. This town is chock full of excellent places to fill your belly—places ranging from quick and cheap meals all the way to super-gourmet fine dining. If you love food, you’ll not find a lack of gastro-adventures to embark on.

Something else I find to be really awesome is the presence of sustainable restaurants in town—places devoted to making delicious food that is also good for the earth. And, since we’re all in this for the environment, I figured giving a shout out to some of those places, and make sure you’ll give them a visit or two (or three or ten) while you’re here.

Miya’s Sushi—“because man cannot live on rice alone.” The name might be a little bit of a misnomer, because when you go into Miya’s Sushi, you’re not going to find California Rolls, Spider Rolls, or any of your other favorite sushi treats. Instead, you’ll find a 20 page menu of culinary experiments in which owner, Bun Lai, tries to recreate what it means to be a sushi chef. His menu features invasive species sushi, locally grown and harvested ingredients, and “sushi for the masses,” cheap sushi created on the principle that good food should not be classist. For more on the cool stuff happening at this place, check out this article from the FES literary journal, Sage Magazine.

Claire’s Cornercopia—“Vegetarian, organic and sustainable, and Kosher Restaurant…. No minimum on credit cards, no maximum on Love :-)” I love Claire’s. I go there sort of all the time. As their tagline says, the place offers all the things I would want a restaurant to offer (especially because I am a vegetarian—however, non-veggies will love this place too, seriously). You’ll find a rotating assortment of fresh salads and snacks, plus a huge menu of vegetarian meals. You’ll find smoothies, coffee, and—oh man—baked goods. Oh, the baked goods at Claire’s. That’s what they’re famous for. And one of their HUGE pieces of cake will make you feel full, happy, and ready for more.

Caseus—“Every cheese has a story.” If you love cheese, like I do, then you will love this place. Caseus is an excellent blend of the most delightful imported ingredients and fresh, local ingredients. You’ll find the most insane grilled cheese sandwich you’ve ever tasted, the most decadent cheeseburger ever made, and some of the finest dining in New Haven. Also, Caseus teaches classes on cheese and oils, so you can be informed about the food you eat and where it comes from—whether it’s Italy or the community garden in town.

Culture: One of the benefits of coming to a place like Yale is that you’ll be saturated with “cultural” activities. Yes, maybe becoming a cultured member of the world is exactly what everyone is expecting of you now that you’ll be coming to Yale, but so what? This stuff is not to be missed.

Yale Art Galleries—both the regular art gallery and the British Art Center across the street. Yale now boasts the best university collection of art in the world, after the grand opening of the newly expanded museum last December. The place is huge, filled with iconic pieces and artists, and, best of all, FREE! Go get some culture, look at some art, and revel in the things that Mother Yale has to offer to her children.

Yale Rep—love theatre? Great! The Yale Drama School is one of the best, and they put on some really excellent shows throughout the year. Take someone special on a date or go with a big group of friends.

Yale Cabaret—Don’t like the run-of-the-mill theatre experience? Then hike on over to the Yale Cabaret, featuring student-directed, student-produced (and often student-written) pieces of theatre. You never know what you’re going to get—wacky and wild to intense drama, the Cabaret has been a constant source of entertainment. Tickets are cheap and you get can dinner/drinks there too!

That might be all for this post. Next time, I’ll continue highlighting cool stuff to do, this time, for those who want to whet their wild side with music and nightlife. As always, feel free to ema us your questions, comments, concerns, and musings on the nature of nature at