Emily at graduation!

Introducing our new Recruiter – recent alum Emily Schosid!

Hey all you people in the FES blog-o-world! Emily Schosid here. I thought that I’d write a post to introduce myself as the new recruiter for the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and another person you prospective students can always feel free to write to or call to talk about FES, New Haven, Grad School, the meaning of life…
I graduated from FES last spring, so I definitely feel like I can offer a lot of insight about life as an FESer and what you can expect if you decide to apply or come to the school. I was heavily involved in the FES community, worked on a bunch of projects, and really got to know a number of faculty, staff, and the students who were at the school with me.
The first question I always get from new students is “What did you focus on?” I figured I’d cut you off at the pass and just answer right off the bat. My academic interests really lay in the intersection between art, community, and building a sustainable place to live. I started out really interested in how art can be used as a tool for environmental education and communication, took a detour into anthropology, spent my summer internship at a spiritual community in New Mexico, and have sort of shifted my interests to a more general question of “how do we create a community, and how does that help us with our goals for sustainability?” My Master’s Project was a book of poetry inspired by the work done by other members of the FES community.

A smattering of what I was involved in at the school, in case you have questions about that kind of thing:

Forestry Club: Forestry Club is a group of elected students tasked with creating a fun and inclusive community at FES. We are the social organizers of the school, planning a weekly happy hour called TGIF (Thank God I’m a Forester), and several big parties during the year (Talent Show, Halloween Party, Tacky Prom, Winter and Spring formal).
Environmental Film Festival at Yale: Last year, I was the Managing Director for the Environmental Film Festival at Yale (EFFY), the largest student-run environmental film festival in the world. EFFY 2012 showed 9 feature-length films, each followed by a panel discussion with the filmmakers, Yale professors, and practitioners in the various issues presented in the films.

Loggerrhythms: For a year and a half, I was the co-director of FES’s premier a capella group, the Loggerrhythms. We have a great time singing and entertaining our fellow FESers at the Talent Show, the FES Auction, and other events! Loggs is one of around 30 Student Interest Groups (SIGs), which cover a huge range of topics from energy to food to African research.

Environmental Stewardship Committee: In 2010, FES wrote and began to implement its own sustainability plan. Part of this was the creation of the ESC, of which I was one of the first student members. The committee has made great strides in helping FES walk the talk, and I worked very closely with them on recycling and composting projects.

Whew! That’s just a few of the extra-curriculars I worked on, to give you a glimpse into what kinds of things are available for a student to do.
I’ll be writing periodically about FES, my travels around the US for recruiting gigs, and anything else you want to know as prospective students. Please feel free to email me at any time with any question you might have about what it’s like to be at this school.
Looking forward to meeting you on the road!