How hectic environmental negotiations can be

How hectic environmental negotiations can be

The high-level summit negotiations began today, featuring speeches from over 130 heads of state and government. As a result, the RioCentro - our home for the last week – became extremely hectic, with extra security boosted and limited access to Pavilion 5, where the high-level summit is currently taking place.

Each country delegation was allotted a certain number of “secondary passes” (they are called secondary because everyone already has to hold an official accreditation badge from the UN Conference on Sustainable Development to even step foot in the RioCentro). Yale University does not count as an official country delegation, but rather as one of 9 “Major Groups” that include youth organizations (YOUNGOs), non-government organizations (NGOs), Business and Industry (BINGOs), and Research Institutes (RINGOs – to which Yale belongs). If you aren’t lingo-ed out already, try attempting to figure out which one you belong to!

We’ve got the golden ticket!

At any rate, we were lucky enough to snag a coveted secondary pass to attend the high-level summit plenary sessions from June 20-22. But as you can see from how hectic the entrance to the high-level sessions are (see below):

Entrance to Pavilion 5, where the high-level summit is occurring June 20-22.

It is not always easy to find each other to hand off the passes: