Governors and Major Groups of Legal Amazon Made a Commitment to Implement New Policy

Governors and Major Groups of Legal Amazon Made a Commitment to Implement New Policy

14:00, 21-06-2012, Brazil


The Forum of the Governor of the Amazon Region and the Representatives of the Major Groups delivered the outcome document of  the Sustainable Development Encounter of the Brazilian Amazon Region at Rio+20 conference.

Governors of Legal Amazon (Amazon states) prepared a letter for the Rio+20 high level plenary to propose implementation mechanisms for new forest policy. Among hundreds of proposals that have been proposed so far, the governors of Amazon States finally came to a conclusion after stakeholder consultation process.

The majority of the groups mentioned here are those Acknowledged by the UN, namely: Industry and Business, Children and Youth, Farmers, Indigenous Peoples, Local Governments, NGOs, Scientific and Technological Community, Women, Workers and Trade Unions, as well as the new group established for the preparation of this document, “Traditional Peoples and communities, ethnic, racial and cultural groups. In Amazonas, the Law No 3.044/2006 institutes the “Dia do Mestiço”, recognizing it as an ethnic-racial group in its specific form and other issues.

This event was supported by the vice president of Guyana, NGO representative “Chico Mendez Institute”, and the minister of environment of Brazil. They stressed the importance of cooperation in the Amazon vicinity to truly preserve the Amazon and more effective and concrete commitment toward targets and goals.

The letter includes 24 principles and 456 proposals that have been agreed  by all stakeholders including sustainability, land reform, environmental regulation, and so far. The Rio+20 convention is looking forward to seeing positive outcomes of the document and the future steps for change.

21 June 2012, Rio de Janeiro

Soojin Kim