Staying updated

Staying updated


The greatest place to get extra information about the latest status on the negotiations might not be the plenary room at Rio Centro. I’ll share some comments I’ve picked up from fellow FESers and from my own experience.

Place #1 The shuttle from the hotel to Rio Centro. Ok I admit that turning your neck over your shoulders might not be the right etiquette at an international conference, but when you are searching for information, you need to improvise as much as you can. It just turns out that the hour and a half ride could turn out to be a great time investment.

Place #2 The press conferences and media rooms. It is here where the international media shows their expertise and share all the latest’s updates on the countries positions. Here delegates tend to reveal more details when confronted than in the contact groups or plenary sessions.

Place #3 The athlete’s park. If you are brave enough to walk all the way around Rio Centro to get to the expo at the place of the future Olympic park you will get rewarded. Most all delegations have pavilions or booths there, you might find a couple or more negotiators relaxing of the mayhem at the contact groups, and a friendly interview is never denied.

Place #4 Side events featuring mission delegates. Mostly in smaller rooms, the intimate atmosphere created by the “informalness” of the side events allows you to push the bar a little further to get information.