Yale Offsets Emissions at COP17 with CEBA: Community Ecosystem Based Adaptation

F&ES is staying true to it principles of sustainability and environmental justice by offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions that will be generated by the entire Yale delegation through the official COP17 offset program: CEBA.

The Durban CEBA Initiative is a partnership between the eThekwini Municipality and The Wildlands Conservation Trust aimed at uplifting local communities by creating ‘green’ jobs for the poor and unemployed, restoring the ecosystems that are important to the welfare of these communities, and reducing collective vulnerability to climate change.

Each CEBA credit purchased employs one local community member for a day to undertake a range of climate protection work, such as invasive alien plant (IAP) clearing, ecosystem restoration, or community recycling. This work is directed towards both reducing climate change impacts through carbon sequestration and emissions reductions, and building resilience and adaptability to climate change in vulnerable communities.

All credits sold at COP17 will fund an ecosystem restoration project located at Paradise Valley in the uMbilo River catchment. The uMbilo river catchment not only provides core livelihood support for a significant portion of the City, but also feeds water into the Durban Bay, an important economic hub for the city and the country.

More information can be found here: http://durbanceba.org/

A CEBA nursery.