What is the contribution of “green technology” to sustainable development?

Post by: Soojin kim and Jose Medina-Mora

International Conferences and Organizations FES850

UNITAR is hosting a series of workshops in the Rio+20 preparation forum. This time the workshop’s objective is to reflect upon the role of environmentally sound technologies for sustainable development.

Feature speakers will concentrate in presenting diverse proposals regarding technologies and their role in the Rio+20 main themes. Special guests’ participation will range from the contribution of technologies in sustainable development and a government summit for proposals on ICT technologies to advance sustainable development solutions. Selected partners’ cutting edge solutions will address research, implementation, transfer and deployment of “green” technologies facing the challenges of sustainable development. Up to date discussions regarding economic development, poverty alleviation and policy proposals are expected to take place during the UNITAR side event.

This special event is happening on December 16th,  2011 from 1:15 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. in Conference Room 7 at United Nations Headquarters (NLB), New York.

For queries regarding the workshop please contact Mr. Felix Haass


Tel (212) 963-3021