Poznan: Good Climate For Talks

Boarding the plane in Munich

The Yale contingent has arrived to the 14th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of the Parties (UNFCCC COP14 – the first of endless acronyms). Twenty students will spend the next week observing the international climate change negotiations, this year held in Poznan, Poland.

The welcome posters in the airport proclaimed: “Poznan – A good climate for talks.” So far, it has been! Poznan is a former industrial city about 2 hours by train from Warsaw. Not quite as balmy as Bali, where last year’s negotiations were held, Poznan has been cooler and darker than New Haven, with a crisp mist in the morning. We’ve have decent weather so far – not that it matters, since some of us spent 12 full hours in the convention center yesterday!

Hot topics this session include:

  • REDD – counting carbon dioxide sequestered by existing forests and newly planted trees in developing nations as CO2 emissions;
  • CDM – the Clean Development Mechanism – a carbon trading scheme that allows developed countries to buy CO2 “credits” achieved through projects in developing nations; and
  • Adaptation to climate change – helping developing and vulnerable countries that will be severely impacted by climate change prepare for future (and present) rising sea levels, drought, and increasing disasters.

We’ve been busy attending plenaries and side events, so expect more reports to follow!